Trudy crane at lookslikewhite



Artist, designer and follower of the art of slow living,  Montrealer Trudy Crane decided several years ago to leave her career as a marketing professional to devote herself to her passion: ceramics.

After searching in vain for the dishes of her dreams, she decided to create her own. The result is a unique collection of organic forms and pure lines evoking nature. Her credo: creativity, authenticity, simplicity. Each piece of porcelain or stoneware, created and painted by hand, is available in her signature colour, white.

 Deciding to go further in combining her passion for design, lifestyle and cooking, Trudy co-founded Meadow & Land and co-authored the vegan cookbook, Saison La Table Vegane. In keeping with the simplicity and authenticity of her lookslikewhite esthetic, Meadow & Land focuses on sustainable living and promotes a plant-based diet to incorporate into your lifestyle.