Trudy crane at lookslikewhite



I am an Interior Designer and retailer living in Montreal, Quebec. I have been in fashion or home decor one way or another for most of my career. I love everything about shopping, online and in store, and just the smell of the mall makes me happy (you know what I mean that new clothes, food court mixed with customer smell). I started as the head of Visual Presentation working my way up to be a Marketing executive with various fashion retailers in Canada. I also had my own home decorating boutique for several years and I now have an Interior Design business called lookslikewhite.

I am also a ceramic artist and though I tried to make pottery in colour I have never taken to it and so now do my work in white only. I love everything about the process of making pottery and using handmade pottery in my home makes every meal or cup of coffee something special.

Throughout my life I have lived and loved all things white. My hair is white, my house is decorated in varying shades of white, my car is white, my get the picture. With this website I bring to you the best of what I can find in the many timeless shades of white. I hope you enjoy it.

Trudy xx