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Inspiration in White: Olive Trees & Myrtles

I am not a person that has a lot of house plants in my home but I do love the look of olive trees and myrtles in decor. I am always finding photos that inspire me and they often have one of these plants in among the vintage decor. I do have a couple of myrtles in my home and since I find them so beautiful I thought I would share a few....




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Loving these: Cloches

My house is filled with different glass domes or cloche as we say in French and I really have a lot of fun with them. I put all sorts of things under them from shells to plants and old books and nests. 

This one below is from the table in the shop this past month and I had filled it with vintage silver. I set the table with my ceramics as well.

Beautifully done with the ink and quill.

Pretty with some sheet music rolled inside..

This from Atelier de Campagne. Go visit their Facebook page for great ideas..


I am considering buying some for the shop with some pretty wood or mercury glass stands like these below. What do you think?....Isn't the jewellery gorgeous as well??





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Interiors: Layers of Grey and White

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I have posted about my love for grey before but it is a love affair that continues so I need to share again....grey is not only perfect in the home but I love to wear grey as well. I have so many grey sweaters that my closet looks frankly ridiculous. (does anyone need that many grey sweaters). Grey, black, beige and white....pretty much like my decor. I love the depth of grey and how mixing different greys can look in a room. It is like white in the way that layers of different whites in a room can have so much impact. Take a look at a few spaces layered in grey and a few grey outfits as well....





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I was featured over at The Dedicated House!!



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Creamy Traditional Cottage

What really strikes me about this lovely traditional home in the English countryside is the wall colour. I love this shade of white! I have a colour like this in my home and it can look anywhere from very white to creamy yellow depending on the room and the time of day (the paint is Mayonnaise from Benjamin Moore). I painted the ceiling white and the moldings a different white (but with a glossy paint) and this plays off the wall colour beautifully. A touch of black here and there to anchor the room and you have a great looking space like the one below...





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Elegantly Styled Loft 

The loft of Wolfgang Behnken, creative director at Young & Rubicam, is a beautifully elegant space. Most rooms are very simple with minimal furnishings but nothing is done without thought. Each piece is part of his many collections that not only include furnishings but books and art as well. The library is full and disordered but he insists that he knows where each book is and that he can easily find what he is looking for...a true artist himself I think....





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