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Inspiration in White - Chairs

Okay I am having a "chair" moment....or a "seating" moment actually. I am working on a project and am redoing some chairs and I am seriously obsessed with finding the right shape chair and the right fabric. I have been looking at chair after chair and I really love the old slipper chairs but can not find an old one to redo. I am also loving daybeds but did not find one of those either but found a chaise longue instead that has a similar look. I am having it redone now and will post the results when it is done. I have used some of the photos below for inspiration...





 via: hviturlakkris.blogspot, andrewmartin.co.uk, timzou.tumblr.com, moderncountry.blogspot.com, miss-elvin.blogspot.com.au, princessgreeneye.blogspot.com, lambertnyc.blogspot.com, vintage-house.blogspot.com




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