Interiors: Restaurant Höst

Check out these pictures of the restaurant Höst by the architects Norm out of Denmark. I love how they used reclaimed wood and woolen blankets to create a warm and inviting environment. Who would want to leave this place? What the designers did was mix the feeling of eating outside on a Scandinavian farmyard with an urban, more minimalist decor. They also produced a line of tableware for the restaurant as well as design custom tables and seating. 

The cuisine uses traditional ingredients of Nordic cooking made modern and new. Very much like the design of this wonderful space.





via: Deezen

Blogger Sunshine Award



I have to thank Tracy over at Soul Style for passing me the Sunshine Award. This award is given from bloggers to other bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” I feel very privileged to be on the list of such an obviously talented and creative person as Tracy (and a fellow canuck to boot). Now it is my turn to pass to those blogs that inspire me...but before I do I am to answer a list of questions....oh, goes..

1. Favorite color – Well I think that is obvious no?? I am pretty much obsessed with white. Not only is my house white but my hair, my car, my dog, many of my clothes (if they are not white they are black or grey) and I would probably make all white food if I could but I like to eat too much to limit myself!

2. Favorite animal – Dogs for sure. I do love cats but I like pretty much all dogs that cross my path.

3. Favorite number – Oh this is too random for me. No favorites.

4. Favorite Drink –  I live with a Frenchmen so cappuccino is my drink but white wine would be a very close second (and some days first)!

5. Facebook or Twitter – Facebook for sure. I love seeing familiar names come up everyday. 

6. Good book or good movie – Do I have to choose? I love to read but oh I love a good movie..

7. My passion - My family and friends of course...... decorating, pottery, creativity, 

8. Giving or getting gifts – Giving but I Have to say I like getting too.

9. Favorite day –Well I am learning to live in the now so I have to say today.

10. Favorite flower – I love white hydrangeas...white lilies......white tulips...white roses....


Now for my list of wonderful blogs. I happen to love and follow everything from Industrial Modern to Vintage and Scandinavian Style blogs but I have a soft spot for French Country as you can see. So I have tried to include a little of each of the many that I love!! 

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Breida with a B  - I know Tracy nominated you but I am still linking you cause I love your blog!


So, the rules again for the newly nominated Sunshine Award winners are as follows..
First, you should thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. Next, answer the questions about yourself.  Then, choose 10 of your own inspiring bloggers and link their blogs to your post. Be sure to let them know that you are nominating them for the award.

Have a lovely week!!