White Vintage

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Occaionally I see a picture on Tumblr or on Pinterest with no source and I often wonder what the rest of the house looks like. Sometimes I am lucky enough to come across the house when doing my research and this is one of those times. I had posted a picture on Facebook that I just loved. This is the shot below:

And I was lucky enough to discover the rest of the house to show you. What a beauty!!

This house is in the U.K. and is a great combination of Vintage with a dose of Scandinavian Style as well. 

Small attic sleeping space...

Finally the same room as the top photo but from a different angle. What I also realized is that these are two chaise longue from Ikea that have been pushed together. What a great idea! I have one of these and am tempted to get another to create this look. It is the perfect spot for a cup of tea and a book!






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