White Flowers

I love fresh flowers and always have many bouquets on hand in my home. I love the effect of combining green and white in a bouquet and have some great examples of how to use these throughout you home. How come flowers don't smell much anymore? I don't find they smell like they did when I was young..just pondering..

I also think flowers look good in many different containers. You can pretty much use anything depending on what kind of look you are going for. I like to use white or clear vases (oh really Trudy?? so suprising) and to use them in combination on the table when I am setting it for a supper with company.

 Take a look and be inspired..xx


Flowers in the bathroom...why not!!


 Paper whites and iris under glass. Very nice..



A single bud in a jar. Great for a casual table.



Love this vignettes with the the flowers on the floor beside the chair. Perfect.



Single branches of blossom.


 Okay green plants and flowers everywhere!!


 On my dining room table!



In my entryway I put a couple of flowers in my own pottery. What do you think?