Barn Style

I was recently looking for Barn Lights to use for a project I am working on and as I was doing my research I came across some of the most beautiful pictures of Barn Style homes! It is such an easy, relaxed style and even if you don't have the high ceilings or open spaces that is traditional barn style, you can still get the look by adding a sliding barn door and or barn lamps (I love these) to a kitchen or office (the office below if so cool with the black lamps!). Let me know what you think of this style. I would love to hear your comments!



Dutch Barn Style!

Here is a more chic, modern version of Barn Style.

These lights over the desk are perfect. Stylizimo

I suppose you could call this Wedding Barn Style? The lights made from galvanized wash buckets really make this so fun.

So sophisticated...


What can I say? So chic.

Rachel Ashwell's barn

Barn doors.

PS: If you are looking for Barn lighting there are wonderful vintage lamps on Ebay or you could go to barnlight

Some images from Houzz