All in the Details

I love this house in Copenhagen and what I like about it is that it is full of surprises. It seems that in every corner there is an object or color that is used in new ways that are amusing and fun! Even if this house is not your style there are some great ideas for decorating that we can take from Josephine's approach to creating a personal and warm space!!

1. Painted Floors - Not only have the floors been painted white bit with the added detail of diamond checks in two colors!

2. Adding Textures and Color - There are so many great textures and prints going on in this photo from the fur to the knitted chair cover to the vintage texture on the lamps and tables.

3. Imagination - The addition of the sign post between the living room and dining room adds fun and wimsy to the space. I love that the sign post is a paddle!

4. Vintage Details - There are a lot of vintage items throughout the loft that add charm to the space.

5. Materials - Using different materials such as the wood and metal brings more warmth into the space.

6. Color - Pops of different colors throughout the space make this feel young and modern.

7. Don't forget your pet - Each area is thought through to make it fun and clever even Rover's bowl!

8. Lighting - There is a lot of lighting in the home that is different yet carries a theme throughout the space. I am loving the pail lamps against the wall!

9. Forgotten Spaces - Even the stairwell provides an opportunity to add creativity and imagination.

 #10 - What would you add as the 10th feature you like about the space! Leave me a comment below and let me know!!





All photo: Living Agency