Inspiration in White: Painted Floors

I like the idea of painted floors. I reeeally like the idea of white painted floors. I have always said an all white home, floor to ceiling white, is superb.....I also think the idea of stenciling a floor can be beautiful in the right space. Doing the painting yourself does not look that tough but then I have never done it so I could be wrong. I have read about it on many DIY blogs and they are all very optimistic about doing it. Some of the rules of floor painting from Elle Decor are:

• scarify the surface with 150-grit sandpaper
• wash the floor with a powdered detergent cleaner to remove all dust and deposits 
• allow floor to dry completely (this may take a couple of days)
• apply a primer suitable for your paint type 
• allow primer to dry overnight
• lightly sand primer with 220-grit sandpaper 
• wipe floor clean with mineral spirits, using tack cloth or a rag
• apply the first, thin coat of paint with a natural-bristle brush (which creates a smooth finish, rather than with a roller, which creates a stippled finish)
• allow paint to dry 24 hours 
• apply two more thin coasts, allowing 24 hours between each

I like some of these painted floors but would I be brave enough to actually try it? I think so. What about you? 

1. Painted or whitewashed 


2. Painting a pattern or stencil


Here is just one of many resources for stenciling your floors




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