How to Style a Coffee Table

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I change up my coffee table and console table styling very often. It is such a fun thing to do and makes the room feel fresh and new. Here are a few ideas to help you with your own styling:

1. Use a pot of flowers layered into the styling. I like to keep flowers either very high or very low. The height of the flowers depends on the height of the other elements in your styling. 

2. Use a tray to hold your styling together. I like to layer with a tray on part of the table and then layer outside it as well if you have space.

3. Layer with books. I like to have a stack of decorating or art books on the tray beside the flowers and then layer another piece on the top book.

4. Use a small dish as the top layering piece. I take one my lookslikewhite dishes and fill it with shells, marble eggs, small stones or any other natural element.

5. There are so many other elements to use in table styling like plants, statues, artprints, antlers, candles and so much more. Use items that have meaning to you and that make you happy to feature them where you can see them everyday! 

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via:temple and webster, mintlovessocialclub, House Beautiful, New England Staging Blog, photo by Benjamin Vandiver for Domaine Home