Inspiration in White: Vintage Chairs

I always love to see vintage chairs in all different states of wear....some with a little rough around the edges fabric or wood that is worn with time. I also think it is the best of both worlds if you can find vintage chairs in decent condition and re-do, paint and re-cover, than buy them new.

Two of the chairs below are mine and they were in a very bad state when I found them but I absolutely love them now! The white settee and the grey chaise long are mine. When if found the white settee it had green velvet fabric and gold wood. There was also no cushion at all on the piece. I had the piece redone in white cotton and added a big feather cushion! The grey and natural linen chaise was pink velvet with dark brown wood. I had seen a picture that inspired me to re-do the chaise in the grey linen with the base in a natural rough linen. They really add to my decor and give a well loved and vintage touch my home. If you can't find a vintage piece to re-do there are so many good chairs now on the market made to give that well worn touch to your home. 

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