Decorating with White!

I found some interesting thoughts on decorating with white from Rachel Ashwell (the undisputed queen of white decorating as well as anything shabby and chic) and thought I would share them with you. 

1. White is never boring! - It is a very dramatic color. That's proven over and over by weddings - we never tire of looking at them.


2. White can be cozy - People think white is cold because they believe it must be neat and uniform. Avoid using only hard modern pieces and add softer elements and distressed finishes to add warmth.

(llw:My thought is that it is not cold but serene and relaxing!)



3. White makes for a flexible first step - Paint a room white and you have a blank canvas for anything. Start with a bold wallpaper and you are already committed. (llw: Add color where you want, in pillows, tablecloths, rugs or art. Don't you love the room below!)


 4. White is easy to care for! - Let the white be lived in! Use slipcovers and don't iron. If your human that gets old very quickly.

(lookslikewhite:  My tip for getting out stains from white: Put a couple of tablespoons of Oxi-Clean in a bowl and add a bit of water to make a paste. Rub this on the stain and leave for 10 minutes and it usually does the trick. Wash in the machine, if you can, with another couple of spoonfuls of Oxi-Clean and you're done! We had a party and I got a full glass of red wine on my new white couch and it did the trick!)


Let me know your thoughts and tips on decorating with white!



(edited from Country Living  Feb. 2011 issue)