You can never have too many chandeliers (or mirrors)!

This is what I would say to friends and colleagues as we travelled around the country (US and Canada) for our work. As part of my job (at the time) I would go to other stores in New York, LA, Chicago, Toronto and find great display ideas. Well, I love to shop for just about anything but I have a serious love for chandeliers and lamps. Even when I would go on vacation I had to come back with a chandelier. Now, this posed many were we going to get that big chandelier on the plane from say..Paris or Nice or Los Angeles. My husband at times was ready to pull his hair out but, when we managed to get that chandelier home and placed in the perfect spot, he admired my persistance at getting my beloved find into our home!

I love the way a chandelier adds warmth and elegance to a room and I love all types from traditional to contemporary.

I am sure I will do many posts about this subject but for now I will share a few photos of some great ones I found!

PS: I will share a few photos of some of my own soon with the back story as well! Send me some photos of yours too!


I love the mix of styles here with this elegant chandelier and the rustic wood table.

Just wow! Not just a gorgeous chandelier in a kitchen but that mirror!

So cool.

This look is amazing with the fur on the chair. What do you think?

Not sure if it is beads or shells but I like it!

 Photo from At Home in Arkansas

Give me anything from Restoration Hardware and I am happy!